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question for the admins; how does one audition for a character?

[There are no auditions. This is purely a friend thing.]


[We’ve updated our character list.

You can now ask questions to:


Have fun~]

:33 < *AC’s curiosity is piqued as she overhears mentions of her ships. She quickly springs into action, eager to sink her claws into the latest quadrant cat-punnings* (that was supposed to be “happenings.” purrhaps that was overdoing it a little.)

:33 < of course, my furvorite otp is the best of meowrails. durrr!

:33 < oh! but the humans we have b33n m33ting are supurr candidates for shippings. the dave human and tavros have the most apurropriate relationship fur something red. (their sick fires have the pawsibility of getting out of hand… so maybe it’s more of a black thing, and that could open up a whole bunch of new ships for potential ashen relations!)

x33 < *AC sh33pishly lowers her ears and wears a flustered grin, all the while licking the fresh b100d blood clean off her claws. she always has one secret otp that she k33ps hidden from the rest of her furriends*

AC: :33 < *ac saunters into her hive to s33 furriendly messages! she gr33ts efurryone warmly and flicks her tail with curiosity*

D —> First, one must distinguish the difference between
D —> Sophisticated fine art and renditions of inappropriate pornography
D —> I don’t abuse my aristocratic conne%ions
D —> If you are implying that I have insight on how to help your addiction, you are asking the wrong troll
D —> My interests are not caught in the obsession with 100d behavior and scandalous videos of concupiscent acts
D —> I only attain the most prestigious of ancient Alternian musclebeast portraits
D —> In which the subject strikes a formidable and flattering pose, strictly to e%ploit his noble physique, muscular splendor, and STRONG endowment
D —> Not porn

1LL 5H0W YU0 50M37H1NG CU73

D —> The even took place when I was a f001 of a wiggler
D —> I disregarded my own strength in an activity 
D —> Which I intend to keep a private matter
D —> I endured the pain and complications of my thoughtless mistake
D —> I still feel it, now and then
D —> Those tinges of pain serve as a reminder
D —> I now have many friends, and a moirail to 100k after
D —> Never again will I lose track of my STRONGNESS
D —> No one will suffer the misplaced pain of my hand again
D —> I will not repeat the a%ident 

D —> Moirailegence is about more than just physical comfort
D —> I pride myself in my cerebral incorporations
D —> I’ve built many things with my prowess with mechani%
D —> As an e%ample
D —> I once built her a self-preparing tea making device
D —> In conc100sion, you will no longer call into question
D —> My proficiency as a moirail

who me? have a cru2h on that 2hort, loud-mouthed wanna-be programmer wiith the troll napoleon complex?

okay, well, the thought of u2 beiing iin 2ome kiind of concupii2cent quadrant ha2 cro22ed my miind. ii don’t hate hiim enough two want two be hii2 kii2me2ii2. not two mentiion he, hiim2elf, probably ha2 that 2pot taken already. eheh.

fuck, thii2 ii2 lame. ii don’t under2tand why ii’m gettiing flu2tered. he’2… alriight two look at; he’2 not ugly or anythiing. ii admiit ii liike beiing around hiim even when he 2ubject2 me two hii2 romance fiilm2 and de2piite lettiing me diie early on iin the game… he diid… try two protect me whiile ii wa2 ko’d duriing tc’2 epii2ode. whiich ii2 cool, ii gue22.

kk ii2 actually pretty - fuck - nevermiind. forget what ii 2aiid.

D —> I will considerately a%ept your request without further di%ussion
D —> We will now embrace with abso100tely no restraint
[ > CRACK < ]
D —> Fudgesicles
D —> Pardon my sudden leave
D —> I must fi% this device before the b100 team leader catches trot of my folly