RED TEAM V2 blue team

D —> First, one must distinguish the difference between
D —> Sophisticated fine art and renditions of inappropriate pornography
D —> I don’t abuse my aristocratic conne%ions
D —> If you are implying that I have insight on how to help your addiction, you are asking the wrong troll
D —> My interests are not caught in the obsession with 100d behavior and scandalous videos of concupiscent acts
D —> I only attain the most prestigious of ancient Alternian musclebeast portraits
D —> In which the subject strikes a formidable and flattering pose, strictly to e%ploit his noble physique, muscular splendor, and STRONG endowment
D —> Not porn

1LL 5H0W YU0 50M37H1NG CU73

D —> The even took place when I was a f001 of a wiggler
D —> I disregarded my own strength in an activity 
D —> Which I intend to keep a private matter
D —> I endured the pain and complications of my thoughtless mistake
D —> I still feel it, now and then
D —> Those tinges of pain serve as a reminder
D —> I now have many friends, and a moirail to 100k after
D —> Never again will I lose track of my STRONGNESS
D —> No one will suffer the misplaced pain of my hand again
D —> I will not repeat the a%ident 

D —> Moirailegence is about more than just physical comfort
D —> I pride myself in my cerebral incorporations
D —> I’ve built many things with my prowess with mechani%
D —> As an e%ample
D —> I once built her a self-preparing tea making device
D —> In conc100sion, you will no longer call into question
D —> My proficiency as a moirail

who me? have a cru2h on that 2hort, loud-mouthed wanna-be programmer wiith the troll napoleon complex?

okay, well, the thought of u2 beiing iin 2ome kiind of concupii2cent quadrant ha2 cro22ed my miind. ii don’t hate hiim enough two want two be hii2 kii2me2ii2. not two mentiion he, hiim2elf, probably ha2 that 2pot taken already. eheh.

fuck, thii2 ii2 lame. ii don’t under2tand why ii’m gettiing flu2tered. he’2… alriight two look at; he’2 not ugly or anythiing. ii admiit ii liike beiing around hiim even when he 2ubject2 me two hii2 romance fiilm2 and de2piite lettiing me diie early on iin the game… he diid… try two protect me whiile ii wa2 ko’d duriing tc’2 epii2ode. whiich ii2 cool, ii gue22.

kk ii2 actually pretty - fuck - nevermiind. forget what ii 2aiid.

D —> I will considerately a%ept your request without further di%ussion
D —> We will now embrace with abso100tely no restraint
[ > CRACK < ]
D —> Fudgesicles
D —> Pardon my sudden leave
D —> I must fi% this device before the b100 team leader catches trot of my folly

So, Kankri, What Is The Best Way, In Your Opinion Of Course, To Confront A Very... Triggering Person? I Believe You Would Be The Best To Ask This To.


I’m s9 pleased y9u came t9 me f9r this answer. My resp9nse is quite simple; y9u must alert the pers9n 9f their err9r as s99n as p9ssi6le.

A pers9nal fav9rite 9f mine is t9 6l9w my whistle first. I will even sh9w y9u h9w t9 present y9urself when env9king the p9wer 9f the s9cial justice whistle. Stay firmly planted where y9u are, f9cus intently 9n the pers9n [I w9uld like t9 n9te that eye c9ntact is a p9werful thing. D9 s9 and watch h9w y9ur influence gr9ws.] and sh9w y9ur utter disapp9int in the situati9n thr9ugh facial expressi9n. N9t 9nly d9es the pers9n halt in their acti9ns 6ut I have gathered the attenti9n 9f said pr96lematic pers9n and any9ne else in the vicinity. An audience t9 listen t9 y9u always makes s9cial justice 6etter. I find having m9re pe9ple seeing me in acti9n really 9pens their eyes t9 the f9lly 9f their acti9ns and their persecuting ways.

N9w that y9u have their attenti9n, y9u must 6egin with9ut hesistati9n and explain t9 them in great detail what they did wr9ng. 6y great detail, I d9 mean explain every little p9int in y9ur speech s9 that they may understand. Take time f9r them t9 ask questi9ns and inquire; this is, afterall, a learning pr9cess f9r them and y9u are their 9pen-minded, reas9na6le and enlightened teacher. 9r at least, y9u will 6e after y9u take extensive n9tes 9n h9w I deal with these situati9ns.

It may take a c9uple 9f h9urs at minimum t9 talk with them until they understand and change their triggering lifestyle and manners. It will all 6e w9rth it and d9n’t mind th9se wh9 think 9f y9u as f99lish 9r insuffera6le. If y9u keep at it l9ng en9ugh, they will c9me ar9und. I just kn9w it. 

Sollux, is that Soul Calibur you're playing there, or something else? I'm sure you'd beat anyone on that game against anyone in the veil anyday!


2orry two dii2appoiint but ii wa2 actually playiing my old copy of ocariina of tiime on the n64 when kk wa2 off doiing hii2 own thiing on the computer.

ii’m flattered you thiink my 2kiill2 are exceptiional and you’re riight about that. not two brag or anythiing but ii kiick a lot of a22. eheh.

no i aint a hipster howw could you be so imbecilic to think that
noww if you dont mind im gonna go back to sippin a brand a tea youvve nevver heard a from a teacup wwith a design youre too uncultured to recognize

CT:  D —>  It’s a mare coincidence that she has just been inc100ded
AC:  :33 < *ac awaits incoming questions with her ears perked forward and a d33p curiosity*