RED TEAM V2 blue team

id l0ve t0 kiss and tell but nepeta might 0verhear me and thats s0mething i cann0t all0w right n0w

and t0 be h0nest i cant have him finding 0ut just yet 0u0

hmm thats a bit difficult

at first i c0uldnt see past his arr0gance and the sn0bby way he used t0 belittle l0wbl00ds but bluebl00ds are just like that and ive accepted that being 0nce a bluebl00d myself

after spending a g00d am0unt 0f time ar0und him in the alpha timeline as well as all the d00med timelines in the dream bubbles ive realized im f0nd 0f his passi0nate spirit

n0 matter what c0ncept 0r physical being pleases him he has a STR0NG ( ha ha ) drive t0 0btain what he fav0rs the m0st

either in collecting fine art, in impr0ving skill, in strenghening his b0dy 0r in

well f0rce

like having me experience an insatiable l0ve f0r him against my 0wn free will 0_0

but thats in the past and im 0kay with it n0w

0_0 0kay then

give me 0ne m0ment as i pull 0ut the t00l 0f seducti0n t0 make this w0rk 100%

there we g0

hey equius y0u can call me milk because i d0 y0ur b0dy well

0r h0w ab0ut

d0 y0u want t0 see what time tastes like because im made 0f it

wait heres a g00d 0ne

equius lets g0 expl0ring … in my respitebl0ck

question for the admins; how does one audition for a character?

[There are no auditions. This is purely a friend thing.]


[We’ve updated our character list.

You can now ask questions to:


Have fun~]

:33 < *AC’s curiosity is piqued as she overhears mentions of her ships. She quickly springs into action, eager to sink her claws into the latest quadrant cat-punnings* (that was supposed to be “happenings.” purrhaps that was overdoing it a little.)

:33 < of course, my furvorite otp is the best of meowrails. durrr!

:33 < oh! but the humans we have b33n m33ting are supurr candidates for shippings. the dave human and tavros have the most apurropriate relationship fur something red. (their sick fires have the pawsibility of getting out of hand… so maybe it’s more of a black thing, and that could open up a whole bunch of new ships for potential ashen relations!)

x33 < *AC sh33pishly lowers her ears and wears a flustered grin, all the while licking the fresh b100d blood clean off her claws. she always has one secret otp that she k33ps hidden from the rest of her furriends*

AC: :33 < *ac saunters into her hive to s33 furriendly messages! she gr33ts efurryone warmly and flicks her tail with curiosity*

D —> First, one must distinguish the difference between
D —> Sophisticated fine art and renditions of inappropriate pornography
D —> I don’t abuse my aristocratic conne%ions
D —> If you are implying that I have insight on how to help your addiction, you are asking the wrong troll
D —> My interests are not caught in the obsession with 100d behavior and scandalous videos of concupiscent acts
D —> I only attain the most prestigious of ancient Alternian musclebeast portraits
D —> In which the subject strikes a formidable and flattering pose, strictly to e%ploit his noble physique, muscular splendor, and STRONG endowment
D —> Not porn

1LL 5H0W YU0 50M37H1NG CU73

D —> The even took place when I was a f001 of a wiggler
D —> I disregarded my own strength in an activity 
D —> Which I intend to keep a private matter
D —> I endured the pain and complications of my thoughtless mistake
D —> I still feel it, now and then
D —> Those tinges of pain serve as a reminder
D —> I now have many friends, and a moirail to 100k after
D —> Never again will I lose track of my STRONGNESS
D —> No one will suffer the misplaced pain of my hand again
D —> I will not repeat the a%ident